Vyrsa 155 Triple Nozzle (9mm x 6.3mm x 3.2mm) Full Circle 32mm Male Base

Vyrsa 155 Triple Nozzle (9mm x 6.3mm x 3.2mm) Full Circle 32mm Male Base

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The  VYR-155 is an agricultural full-circle sprinkler, made of brass with a male connection of  32mm (1- 1/4"), and has three nozzles. This sprinkler is designed to work under some flow ranges between 141 and 375l/min, at pressures between 400 and 700 KPA with performance between 51 and 70 meters in diameter. The main and secondary nozzle is 28° with the tertiary being 13º.
The average time of rotation is to be approximately 35 sec. 
Ideal or paddocks, feedlots and arenas and also for dust protection and watering systems in mining and construction sites.
  • Agricultural impact sprinkler with medium-high flow.
  • 1 1/4" male connection.
  • Made of brass and stainless steel.
  • High-resistance rotating joints.
  • Nozzles angles of 28º, 28º and 13º.
  • Special design for long reach.
  • Mechanical system for adjusting the spring tension to vary the rotation speed depending on the pressure used.
Pressure kPa Radius M lpm
400 26 160
500 27 180
600 27.5 195
700 28.5 213.3
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