Trade Application

We offer an additional discount to irrigation installers, landscapers and (in special cases) other regular bulk purchasers of irrigation supplies. We contact all applicants by phone to determine their eligibility and do not offer the discounts unless the applicant can demonstrate that they satisfy our requirements. Our requirements are as follows:

  • You must have a registered business name and ABN;
  • Your business name will need to reflect your business operation (eg Freds Landscaping) OR you will be listed in the yellow pages OR you have your own website which describes your business operation; and
  • Your business name and ABN should be able to be found on the site OR you can send us some documentation which show the relationship between your business name and that shown on the site.

It is also our expectation that trade discount customers will average at least 30K per annum and we reserve the right to review customer's trade discount status.

Send application to the manager 

Once we have contacted you and your application has been accepted you will be provided with a username to enter with the password you provide in the form below. When you login all prices will be automatically updated to reflect your discount.

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