Puretec TS Series Twin Undersink systems

Puretec TS Series Twin Undersink systems

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Puretec TS100 & TS200 feature all the filtration technology in one economical system that produces beautiful sparkling clear water reducing chlorine, taste, odour, chemicals and sediment. The luxury of your own safe, purified water is provided in this very affordable system for all your drinking water requirements.

Features & Benefits

 Premium high loop faucet with LED reminder light.
 All plumbing installation fittings included no extras needed.
 Multifunction control valve included for pressure reduction, anti-water hammer and dual check manufactured from chrome plated brass for reliability.
 Dual stage for extra sediment capacity.
 Ribbed housing for durability.
 LED Filter change reminder light.
 Does not remove essential minerals.
 Quick and easy installation.

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