Toro TEMPUS Single Station 9VDC Waterproof Battery Operated Controller with LCD Face

Toro TEMPUS Single Station 9VDC Waterproof Battery Operated Controller with LCD Face

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Avoid the creepy crawlies in your valve box and take water automation to the next level with Toro’s Tempus™ DC battery operated controller. Ideal to manage irrigation in areas without electricity and enabled with Bluetooth technology to provide you with full control of your watering from your smartphone or device.

  • BATTERY OPERATED Ideal for areas without mains power or where hardscaping makes running wiring difficult.
  • BLUETOOTH CONNECTION Easily control your watering from your smart device without needing to access the valve box.
  • 1 TO 6 STATIONS Available in 1,2,4 and 6 station models to suit all applications.
  • 4 INDEPENDENT WATERING PROGRAMS Can be independently set and monitored for precision control over your entire yard.
  • PROGRAMMABLE CALENDAR SCHEDULING For maximum watering flexibility. (e.g. 7 day Calendar, Day Interval, Odd/Even Days)
  • DISPLAY VERSION Via app or LCD screen
  • RUN TIME UP TO 8 HRS WITH 1 MIN INCREMENT Set the amount of time each station will operate for a more convenient and hassle-free way of watering your greens.
  • WATER BUDGET Quickly adjust how much water is applied as the seasons change, without reprogramming.
  • 3 START TIMES PER PROGRAM Accommodate repeat watering requirements - morning, afternoon and evening.
  • PROGRAM RETENTION IN MEMORY Stores complete controller scheduling and setup information indefinitely.
  • DURABLE SHELL-CASING Weather-resistant, water-proof up to 3.5 metres & UV resistant (IP68 Rated). Ideal for mounting in the valve box.
  • APP SECURITY KEY Adds a layer of security to your programmed settings.
  • VANDAL RESISTANT Unlike tap timers, the Tempus DC is hidden in the valve box and not prone to theft or vandalism

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