32mm HR Multijet Water Meter Male x Male Threaded

32mm HR Multijet Water Meter Male x Male Threaded

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Used for measuring the volume of water passing through pipeline in irrigation systems. As water passes through the meter, water jets make the impeller rotate. The impeller rotations are proportional to quantity of water being metered and are magnetically transmitted to the register.

Nominal Flow lph 6000
Maximum Flow lph 12000
Transitional Flow lph 480
Minimum Flow lph 1200
  • Hermetically vacuum-sealed register
  • Magnetic transmission
  • Magnetic shield, for external magnetic field protection
  • High-flow accuracy
  • Solid and robust design
  • High scratch resistant glass on register
  • Internal Strainer
  • Horizontal Mounting only
  • ISO 4064 Class B compliance standard (check local standards)

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