Hunter HCV 20mm Drain Check Valve (10m Elevation) Female inlet & Male Outlet

20mm Hunter HCV Drain Check Valve (Female Inlet & Male Outlet)

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If you have ever been faced with a job site that features extremes in elevation, then you have first-hand knowledge about low head drainage. Unfortunately, a system that requires ups and downs to fit the landscape will find that the water in its pipes seeks out the low points when the system is at rest. That typically results in messy puddling at the heads located at the lowest elevation and, ultimately, wasted water on walkways. With the Hunter HCV, this will never be a problem again. 

  • Adjustment access from top of valve

  • Adjusts to compensate for elevation changes up to 11 m: Maximum flexibility

  • Height 75mm

  • Meets schedule 80 specifications: Durable under high pressure


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