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DAB JETCOM132MPCX (75lpm @ 300kPa)
DAB JETCOM132MPCX (75lpm @ 300kPa)

DAB JETCOM132MPCX (75lpm @ 300kPa)

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Surface Mounted - Jet Pump

Suitable for water supply applications with suction wells, water supply and boosting of domestic systems, agricultural and gardening applications.

  • Power 1.0kW, (1.36hp),
  • Voltage 240VAC,
  • Max head 55m,
  • Max flow 90L/m, (8 taps)
  • Ports 25mm (1”) BSPF In, 25mm (1”) BSPM Out
  • Pump body in technocpolymer
  • Motor support in die cast aluminium.
  • Impeller, diffuser., venturi tube and sand guard in technopolymer. 
  • Stainless steel wear ring.
  • Carbon/ceramic mechanical seal.

2 Year DAB Pumps Warranty