Automatic Pump Controller Adjustable Start Pressure WHI-SK13BA

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The WHI-SK13BA electronic controller automatically starts and stops a water pump when opening or closing a tap. The controller keeps the pump running, even at low flows for constant pressure.

The WHI-SK13BAalso protects the water pump from damage by turning it off should the pump run out of water.

The controller will automatically restart the pump every 24 hours to look for water. The pump "run on time" is set at 20 seconds to maximise the pump’s ability to re-prime where suction may be lost. The restart time of day is set when power is supplied to the controller. The controller is especially suitable for Rainsaver systems.

The controller features an adjustable starting pressure of between 1.5 and 3.0 bar and a pressure gauge that can be mounted on either side of the controller to suit your installation.

Fitted with plug & Play leads

Plug Type Australian & NZ Round 3 Pin
Bar 10 Bar
Kilo Watts 1.1 kW
Casing Material Technopolymer
Port Size Inlet 1" BSPM Inlet
Port Size Outlet 1" BSPM outlet
Volts 240 V
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