435 Pump Start Relay 2Hp 240VAC Weather Resistant Case

Orbit 435 Pump Start Relay 1.5kW 240Vac

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A two pole single throw relay mounted in a weather resistant case.

Contact Ratings

  • 240Vac
  • Max current: 25 Amp
  • 1.5 kW (2hp)

Relay Coil Specifications

  • 24 Vac
  • 3 VA
  • Min Voltage 19 Vac
  • Max Voltage 30 Vac
  • For starting a pump to supply water pressure and flow to the sprinkler system or for remote switching for landscape lighting transformers.


    • Electrical relays for both low voltage (24V AC) control switching and high voltage (120V AC or 240V AC) main power contacts
      • Allows remote pump switching using 24V ac output from an irrigation controller's master valve / pump start circuit
      • Opens and closes main power contacts for pumps (2HP at 250V ac 1 Phase)
    • Highly efficient 0.1 amp operating requirement
      • Draws less holding power than most solenoid valves
    • Enclosed, weather-resistant case
      • Allows the flexibility of indoor or outdoor mounting
    • Five-year warranty
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