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25mm Philmac Plastic Non Return Valve

20mm Philmac Plastic Non Return Valve

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Australian made Philmac non-return valves are manufactured from the highest quality materials to ensure years of reliable service.


  • Agriculture:Foot valves on pumps. Non-return on elevated pipelines.
  • Irrigation:Foot valves on pumps. Non-return on rising mainlines.


  • Pressure Rating: 14 Bar - 1400kPa - 200 psi
  • Designed to work in either a vertical or horizontal position for flexible installation
  • Inlet & outlet threads BSP
  • Flow identification arrow on body
  • Plastic body and components, nitrile O-rings and a 316 stainless steel spring
  • UV and corrosion resistance. The material is non-toxic and taint free
  • Designed to seal off at 20 kPa of pressure making them well suited to gravity feed systems.