Holman WX2 twin Outlet WiFi  Tap Timer with WiFi Hub

Holman WX2 twin Outlet WiFi Tap Timer with WiFi Hub

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Upgrade watering for your whole garden with the new Holman WX2 Tap Timer and Wi-Fi Hub. With two outlets, this Tap Timer brings control directly to your fingertips. Automatic scheduling, zone management, water usage data and much more, it doesn’t get any smarter than this! Keep up to date with your watering-saving garden, all through your mobile and Holman Home.

The additional Wi-Fi Hub is the heart of power for this Tap Timer, allowing you to connect an additional  3 x WX2 Dual Outlet Tap Timers or  3 x WX1 Tap Timers to the Hub. The extra power socket allows you to have ON/OFF control from anywhere, giving you a smart socket to use throughout your home.

  • Track water flow and water usage
  • 3 start times per zone with individual day selection
  • Connect via Wi-Fi through your home 2.4GHz network
  • Connect up to 4 x WX2 Dual Outlet Tap Timers to a single Wi-Fi Hub
  • Holman WX1 Tap Timers compatible with WX2TH Wi-Fi Hub
  • Schedule power to the Wi-Fi Hub Socket from your smartphone
  • Connect Smart Moisture Sensors to each Zone/Outlet (sold separately)
  • 2 Year Warranty
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