200mm Pattern Approved Water Meter

200mm Pattern Approved Water Meter

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The pattern approved BIL WPD Water Meter is designed
and tested over a wide measuring range and provides
accurate measuring results over a long period making it
suitable for all non-urban applications where NMI-M10
Pattern Approved meters are required between 50mm
and 300mm diameter.

Key characteristics
 Wide measuring range, small pressure loss
 Low starting flow and high overload security
 Pulse output with integrated reed switch
 Long-term accuracy and stability
 Swirl-reducing inlet design
 Replaceable measuring internals
 Water-proof (IP68), hermetically sealed, glass/copper
 Solid cast iron construction with durable epoxy
coating for exposure to field applications

 For the measuring of high flow rates
 For horizontal or vertical installation
 For cold water up to 50°C
 For applications where NMI-M10 Pattern Approved
water meters are required

Available sizes
 50mm – 300mm (2” – 12”)
 Table E flanged inlet/outlet

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