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Collection: General Spray Nozzles

Nozzles can be used for a large range of applications including:
  • Agitating liquids inside tanks, vats and cooling towers
  • Air humidification
  • Car washing plants
  • Coke quenching
  • Cooling of large tanks and storage vessels
  • Dust suppression
  • Fire protection and suppression
  • Foam suppression or control
  • Gas and smoke scrubbing
  • Gas cooling
  • High pressure cleaning processes
  • Spray drying
  • Surface cooling
  • Washing, rinsing & cleaning processes

 The following PNR Catalogues include images and technical information on some of the nozzles that are available.

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Tecpro (PNR) JDT2390T1
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KHW1200T1 Flat Jet Nozzle
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KHW1160T1 Flat Jet Nozzle
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